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Disney : Balto 2

Short story

Balto and his mate Jenna have a new family of six puppies. Five of their puppies look like their husky mother, while one pup named Aleu clearly takes her looks from her wolfdog father. When they all reach eight weeks old, all of the other pups are adopted to new homes, but no one wants Aleu. Aleu stays with her father, Balto. A year later, after she is almost killed by a hunter, Balto tells Aleu the truth about her wolf heritage. In anger and sadness, she runs away, hoping to find her place in the world.
At the same time, Balto has been struggling with strange dreams of a raven and a pack of wolves and he cannot understand their meaning. When Aleu doesn't come back the next day, he runs off to find her and bring her back home. He meets with mysterious creatures, like a cunning fox, a trio of wolverines that taunt him, the same guiding raven from his dreams, and a furious grizzly bear that suddenly disappears as if it was never there.
During the journey, his friends Boris and Muk and Luk hope to find Balto, but they are halted by some unknown force. They soon realise that this journey to find Aleu is meant for the father and daughter themselves.

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Released : 19 February 2002
Size : 221 MB

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English Subtitle

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